Virtual Counseling means more accessible counseling options.

Clients can now securely receive counseling with select Restorative Counseling clinicians online. Virtual Counseling is a good option for clients who have difficulty coming into the office for appointments because of busy schedules, lack of child care, or for those who live too far from the office. Services are offered through real-time video and audio over the Internet. These sessions are private, confidential, and convenient so that you can connect within a secure online environment.

Just as with in-person sessions, clinicians and clients will work together to build a strong therapeutic alliance to minimize symptomology and improve quality of life.

After assessing client comfortability and suitability for online counseling, clinicians and clients will collaboratively create a unique treatment plan designed to help achieve lasting, long-term, positive outcomes.

Virtual Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Counseling?

Virtual Counseling has many names, such as telemental health, teletherapy, and so on. Virtual Counseling allows clients to meet with clinicians through live and interactive video conferencing.

Who can use Virtual Counseling?

Virtual Counseling can be utilized by most clients; however, there are some limitations. Virtual Counseling is beneficial for many clients:

  • Those with busy schedules. Meeting virtually allows more flexibility to schedule: during your lunch break, after the kids are in bed, etc. It saves you time because it doesn’t require you to travel to come into the office.
  • Those with transportation or mobility difficulties. Coming to the office may be difficult, but your emotional well-being still must be addressed. Virtual Counseling allows you to meet your clinician without the hassle of traveling to the office.
  • Those who live in rural Illinois. For clients who live outside of Chicago, it may not be possible to meet in person for counseling. Now, you can receive services from the comfort of your own home. Online sessions are only available to Illinois residents located in the state at the time of service and cannot be provided to anyone outside of the state without prior approval.

Is it secure?

Yes. A HIPAA-secure video platform is used to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Can insurance be used?

Many insurance companies cover online counseling just the same as an office visit. If your insurance does not cover this service, self-pay options are available.

If you have any additional questions Virtual Counseling, please contact the Restorative Counseling team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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